How to drive change in urban mobility

What’s the first thing you think about when it comes to urban mobility? There’s a multitude of options for moving around in cities – be it a bicycle, public transport, an e-scooter or your own pair of legs or wheels. In this section, we want to unravel the secret to making urban mobility more sustainable. It’s all about getting cars out of cities, promoting active travel (and by that, decreasing congestion, air pollution, and road fatalities), decarbonising city logistics, getting started on infrastructure improvements, and reallocating space to people. So, how do you want to get started?

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How to Seal (and Heal) the Gender Cycling Gap

The cyclist, geared up and lycra laden, darts through rush hour traffic. Tucks behind trucks and weaves past weary commuters. Races the lights with the ease of the breeze. Pulls straight into the workplace parking lot, helmet in the...

CityChanger Katja Diehl: The Car Mobility Privilege and Why We Need to Restore City Justice

Human-centric mobility advocate Katja Diehl shared with us some of her insights into the car-free movement, the story behind her business and podcast ‘She Drives Mobility’, and her personal motivations for activism. Katja focuses on fostering diversity, making women...

22 Years of Putting Pedestrians First – Lessons Learnt From Portland

With its first pedestrian plan having been published in 1998 and its recent update spanning over 300+ pages, Portland, Oregon is one of the cities spearheading walkability in the US. We sat down with Michelle Marx, Portland’s pedestrian coordinator,...