How to drive change in urban mobility

What’s the first thing you think about when it comes to urban mobility? There’s a multitude of options for moving around in cities – be it a bicycle, public transport, an e-scooter or your own pair of legs or wheels. In this section, we want to unravel the secret to making urban mobility more sustainable. It’s all about getting cars out of cities, promoting active travel (and by that, decreasing congestion, air pollution, and road fatalities), decarbonising city logistics, getting started on infrastructure improvements, and reallocating space to people. So, how do you want to get started?

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Ömer Arslan – CityChanger With a Forklift

Ömer Arslan is Director of Operations at Bouwhub Amsterdam, Amsterdam’s first for profit construction consolidation centre. Find out how he turned a forklift on a piece of land into a fully fledged construction logistics hub. "Should I Quit...

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In the last decade, Ghent has completely revived its urban landscape into a place for people to thrive. Through spatial planning, tactical urbanism, and improved cycling and walking infrastructure, this Belgian city has become a leader for car-free developments...