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CityChangers.org is a community-centred content platform for urban change-makers around the globe, created by Urban Future. We provide you with the know-how necessary to get started, inspiration to innovate ideas, and understanding of the critical skills required to create impact.

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CityChangers.org brings you the more important and topical themes in the realm of urban sustainability and transition. Whether you’re a citizen wanting to do your bit, a city leader with a mandate to decarbonise, or an entrepreneur developing new sustainable solutions for change, we’ve got content designed exactly for you.

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CityChanger Ronni Kahn: Don’t Waste Food – Use It Up!

While people go hungry, there’s no justification for food waste – itself a massive contributor to destructive climate change emissions. What began as a...

CityChanger Vincent Lee: Managing Water with Green Infrastructure

Few firms have the level of recognition that Arup enjoys. This has given Vincent Lee the chance to work on an impressive array of...

Maptionnaire: A Smart Lesson in Democratising Engagement the Fun Way

Public participation matters. It brings democracy and diverse perspectives to city design. But it can be difficult to get right. Smart technology hands us...

Preventing Day Zero: Lessons from Cape Town

Day Zero: the moment a city’s water dries up completely. For Cape Town, this deadly scenario came too close, but it was averted thanks...

Useful Water Guides: A Reservoir of Resources

Water touches on almost every aspect of our lives and cities. Initially, it appears to be a large and unwieldy beast. Maybe to create...

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