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Young Leader Hamza Amin: Shaping Equitable Communications for a Better Pakistan

The effects of climate change are not equal everywhere. Pakistan is one of the world’s lowest greenhouse gas emitters, but it is dealing with...

CityChanger Max Schade: Building a Future of Straw, Wood & Clay

With public demand for sustainability snowballing, it’s inevitable every sector will undergo a green transformation. Construction, however, may not be as advanced as we...

Young Leader Khate Torres: Using Environmental Psychology to Create Healthy Urban Spaces

Achieving climate and sustainability goals requires a willingness to change. Without this, the urban transformation would lack substance. We already have so much of...

Young Leader Fruzsina Nagy: How To Create Change Like A Sustainability Consultant

A new breed of professionals is using their hotly sought after skills to bring about social and environmental impact. Impact-oriented values are fast becoming...

Young Leader Eva de Bruijn: How Eindhoven’s ‘Idealists’ Are Saving City Politics

Politics is one realm that can open a lot of doors to sustainability in our cities. But whether it’s because they are disillusioned, disinterested,...

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