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Nature lover who finds excitement in exploring new cities, discovering new things, and writing about sustainability. Also in eating ice-cream — ice-cream's good. In my free time I enjoy travelling, running, and walking in nature. in

Challenges of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus

While the food-water-energy nexus offers great advantages on one hand, on the other it’s important to keep in mind this system is not yet widely acknowledged, so it naturally comes with some hurdles. Read about the most typical FWE challenges here for your head start into the nexus. Thinking about...

The Case for the Food-Water-Energy Nexus: How Cities Benefit

It’s about synergy of sectors – not competition – for sustainable use of given resources. We’re talking about the FWE nexus. Food, Water, and Energy “are highly interconnected: water is required for almost all forms of energy production and supply, energy is required to treat and transport water, and...

Ending Youth Homelessness Through Mindset & System Shifts

Youth homelessness is often an overlooked topic. There are public institutions helping young adults and minors in need, right? Well, sadly, that’s not always the case. We spoke with the Co-Founder of Point Source Youth, an organisation dedicated to preventing forced youth homelessness through changing systems and mentalities, from...

4 Main Dos and Don’ts of Cycle Promotion: Learnings From EU Project Leaders

Planning an initiative to encourage cycling in your city is certainly an admirable task, and in this era, one of great importance. However, there is more than meets the eye when starting on this adventure. Find out what is most important and the mistakes to avoid, straight from the...

CityChanger Jaakko Blomberg: “Addicted to Creating Something New”

Specialising in new community-based urban culture, placemaking, street art, and co-creation, Jaakko Blomberg believes in the power of people; in their power to change cities. And his formula? “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to get a permission.” There’s more than one way of changing a city – not all...

Ever Curious: David Adam Braun

The qualities that make a good Young Leader are eagerness to learn, openness to change, and commitment to improve the environment for everyone – with these words, an image of David Adam Braun is perfectly depicted. And what else makes this young and inquisitive mind a great future CityChanger?...

Improving Cities Through Technology: Aude Vuilliomenet

When it comes to transforming cities, most think of implementing green spaces, retrofitting buildings, pedestrianising streets. It makes sense, when the bigger, tangible improvements are easily perceived by the eye. But what about microcontrollers? Artificial inteligence? These have a great impact on how we improve our urban environment, too....

How to Avoid Heat Islands with Greenery

Have you noticed the extremely high temperatures this summer? Especially when walking around a larger city? That is because city concrete and rooftop tar contribute to temperature increase and creating what is today known as the Heat Island Effect. What does it mean for the future of city living?...

A Natural Walker and Nature Enthusiast: Tamar Guberman

Tamar Guberman is a young Urban and Environmental Planner from Israel. Having grown up in Tel Aviv, Tamar quickly realised “there is no other city like her in my country”. It is a safe haven for secular minds, a place for the young, for individuals to be themselves. And...

How to Green and Maintain Your Sustainable Roof

Wouldn’t it be nice to go on your roof on a hot summer’s day, bringing a book and fresh lemonade with you, lying back in a deckchair and enjoying the sunny day – without actually burning to death? From providing shade and food to being a peaceful space, green...

Green Gentrification: Why, How & Who?

Lately, it seems ‘climate justice’, ‘eco-gentrification’, and ‘green gentrification’ are the most used terms in the realm of sustainability. Whatever the phrase, gentrification is not an easy matter for discussion. Why that is the case, its consequences, and how to tackle it, Stephen Wheeler explains. Temperatures in affluent and less-affluent...

Jacob Hartmann – Getting Citizens to Do the Job | CityChangers in Conversation

Jacob Hartmann, Senior Advisor at Sharing Copenhagen, talks about getting started, building trust, and getting the youth on board.

Marieke Snoek & Walther Ploos van Amstel – How to Win the Delivery Race | CityChangers in Conversation

Marieke Snoek and Walther Ploos van Amstel, Owner and CEO at Cycloon & Fietskoeriers, Zwolle, give an insight into city logistics and trends like cargo bikes, discussing urgent needs and hidden potentials in cities.

Yann Moszynski – How to Help People Get on Their Bikes | CityChangers in Conversation

Yann Moszynski, Co-Founder & Art-Director of Les Rookies, Paris, talks with us about urban mobility, cycling and getting started.

Anna Huttunen – How to Deal with the Difficult Ones | CityChangers in Conversation

Anna Huttunen, Project Manager of CitiCap, Lathi, Finland talks with us about urban mobility and how to communicate efficiently.

Livia Urban Swart Haaland – How to Beat Red Tape with a Vision | CityChangers in Conversation

Livia Urban Swart Haaland, Founder of ØsterGRO Rooftop Farm, Copenhagen, talks with us about urban farming, green roofs and beating bureaucracy.

David Belliard – How to Change the City, One Street at a Time | CityChangers in Conversation

David Belliard, Deputy Mayor for Mobility in Paris, shares with us his personal story and knowledge about urban mobility, cycling and diversity.

Safety in Green Areas: It’s About People

Green areas are great; they have the potential to attract a city’s residents to enjoy nature, relax, and get some much-needed fresh air. Safety, though, is a large element of that enjoyment; so how can we ensure green areas are well-kept, maintained, and don’t pose any danger? We spoke...