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The CityChangers Podcast brings you a fresh story from the world of urban sustainability every two weeks.

In each episode, we share the stories you won’t hear anywhere else and hear from the people making a real difference in their urban environment – for people, places, and the environment.

Our guests tell us about the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learnt. They share their how-to advice based on real-life experiences that will help you, too, become an exemplary CityChanger.

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#1 Rotterdam Rooftops

Facing their fair share of challenges on the ground (from housing shortages to climate change) cities like Rotterdam are looking skywards for solutions –...

#2 The Slow Lane

What links pedestrian crossings in Chicago, USA, with the Sydney Opera House in Australia? Sascha Haselmayer's surprising story provides an unexpected answer to this unusual...

#3 The Tiny Town Hall

One city in Germany takes a unique approach to civic participation. With declining rates of local democratic engagement around the world, Keil has teamed up...

#4 Orange Sky

Turning big ideas into reality is what CityChangers do. But what happens when, against the odds, you finally achieve your goal? What next? Nicholas Marchesi, of...

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