Podcast#9 Honest Mistakes

#9 Honest Mistakes

The CityChangers Podcast
The CityChangers Podcast
The podcast for people who care about their city. Hear the captivating stories & lessons of how fellow CityChangers are making urban places better.

Why do we fear failure?

Sustainability is an iterative process. There are no shortcuts. But in a world focussed on success, we often hide from our mistakes.

Recognising this, Gerald Babel-Sutter set out to unite urban change-makers in an environment where they could confidently share their pitfalls, problems, and brick walls.

The idea caught on. What started out as a workshop for around 50 people quickly grew into a full-blown conference – and stories of prominent eff-ups are a real mainstay.

But in an increasingly digital world, where travel only adds to the environmental problems that sustainability initiatives are trying to solve, what place is there still for in-person events?

Featuring: Gerald Babel-Sutter and Maria Vassilakou.

Produced by Mariano Trevino, narrated by Karl Dickinson.

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Urban Future grabbed your attention? Then find out more on their website – and be sure to check out the conference programme.

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