Podcast#6 The Tada Manifesto

#6 The Tada Manifesto

The CityChangers Podcast
The CityChangers Podcast
The podcast for people who care about their city. Hear the captivating stories & lessons of how fellow CityChangers are making urban places better.

How can we ensure that a ‘smart city’ is also a fair, diverse and ethical one?

We talk to Douwe Schmidt from the city of Amsterdam about the thorny issues cities face when implementing technological solutions, and why we can’t leave ethical decision-making to the computers.


Featuring: Douwe Schmidt, Project Manager Public Tech at the City of Amsterdam

Produced by Mariano Trevino, hosted by Karl Dickinson.

Useful Links

To learn more from Douwe about AI and ethics, check out his keynote speech from the launch of the Learning Community ‘AI and ethics in practice’.

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