The process of trying to change how things are done or dealt with can be quite frustrating. It seems like people are immune to realising the necessity, the upsides, and the urgency of change, be it infrastructural adaptations, decision-making processes, or behavioural changes. It’s the stories of those that have overcome opposition, implemented radical changes, switched mindsets, or followed through with bold ideas that can spark our own imagination and inspire us to keep going. Within the inspiration section of the platform, we want to provide you with uplifting stories of cities and people that made change happen, sometimes against all odds, and inspire you to make change happen yourself.

CityChangers in Conversation


Jacob Hartmann – Getting Citizens to Do the Job | CityChangers in Conversation

Jacob Hartmann, Senior Advisor at Sharing Copenhagen, talks about getting started, building trust, and getting the youth on board.

Marieke Snoek & Walther Ploos van Amstel – How to Win the Delivery Race | CityChangers in Conversation

Marieke Snoek and Walther Ploos van Amstel, Owner and CEO at Cycloon & Fietskoeriers, Zwolle, give an insight into city logistics and trends like cargo bikes, discussing urgent needs and hidden potentials in cities.

Yann Moszynski – How to Help People Get on Their Bikes | CityChangers in Conversation

Yann Moszynski, Co-Founder & Art-Director of Les Rookies, Paris, talks with us about urban mobility, cycling and getting started.

Anna Huttunen – How to Deal with the Difficult Ones | CityChangers in Conversation

Anna Huttunen, Project Manager of CitiCap, Lathi, Finland talks with us about urban mobility and how to communicate efficiently.

Inspiring CityChanger Portraits

Featured Series: The Life-Sized City

The Life-Sized City x Mara Scollo, Milan

How do you translate bottom-up change to an administrative level? How can road space be shared, and how can parents and kids feel safe on their bikes? This is exactly what Massa Marmocchi does....

The Life-Sized City x Santiago Uribe Rocha, Medellin

Medellín - a city where large-scale visionary urban transformation is the norm. But how do you get started with transformations like these? Do you get the ball rolling by acknowledging a city's manyfold challenges?...

The Life-Sized City x Luc Ferrandez, Montréal

How did Projet Montréal emerge from the neighborhoods to being a dominant, city-wide political force? How can we acknowledge the value of public space? And how does this go hand in hand with gentrification? Life-Sized...

The Life-Sized City x Jennifer Keesmaat, Toronto

Did you ever wonder about how much of city planning is actually planning, and how much is fixing? How do you plan for the fastest-growing city in North America and re-design streets for pedestrians,...

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