Podcast#1 Rotterdam Rooftops

#1 Rotterdam Rooftops

The CityChangers Podcast
The CityChangers Podcast
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Facing their fair share of challenges on the ground (from housing shortages to climate change) cities like Rotterdam are looking skywards for solutions – to the rooftops. There’s plenty of opportunity but also headwinds on the horizon. For one thing: where most roofs are owned by private citizens, how do you convince more people to look up and see the potential?

Featuring: Paul van Roosmalen, Claire Wolff, Jazlyn Bo, Anne Danielle Kissi, Lucile Lebret

Produced by Mariano Trevino, narrated by Karl Dickinson.

Useful Links

You can read more about Rotterdam’s multifunctional roofs strategy in our CityChangers article, here.

Details of Claire Wolff’s Business & Society Exchange Programme at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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