An Introduction

Welcome home, CityChangers!

A place to get inspired, share knowledge, learn, and get connected: This is what we want to be for you. Welcome to your new online home base! Here’s a short introduction to what we’ve prepared for you.

The heart of How to drive change in cities

This is the question that has been in the driver’s seat for UFGC right from the start. In just a few years, a small workshop for 50 people has grown into Europe’s largest conference for CityChangers, with a community of over 30,000 passionate urban change-makers that is constantly growing. UFGC has given us a first-hand experience of the thirst for knowledge and the desire to find out “how” changing cities is done by practitioners. Just like at the conference, we want to provide you with actionable know-how that guides action and equip you with the answers and the tools you are looking for to get started. is a place for urban change agents to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn from each other. You’ll notice our strong focus on the “how to” in the articles we share. The first topic we’re covering is urban mobility but stay tuned: there is a lot more to come!

A hub for urban change makers: How does it work?

Anyone who wants to drive change in cities should be able to use this platform to find out quickly and clearly how she or he can begin – we want you to finally take the actual first step! Here’s what we want to achieve:

  • Attract those willing to drive change

    You’re here – fantastic! We want you to stay for good. Sign up and create your account here – this allows you to connect and message with all other registered CityChangers, see their areas of interest and likeminded people in your city, comment on articles, and contribute articles yourself.

  • Provide orientation

    You want to make a street car-free but don’t know where to start? You want to deep-dive into actionable knowledge on city logistics, but are lost with what Google provides you with? You want to find out how to do cycle lanes right and learn from experts’ experiences? All it takes is one first step – and that is exactly what we want to help you with. We’re screening success stories from cities, knowledge from experts, project reports from EU-projects, and write up do’s and don’ts to provide you with the orientation you need to get started.

  • Show you how to start

    It’s that first step that is critical when it comes to driving change in cities. We want to inspire you to get active, provide you with implementation-oriented knowledge to get started, and finally, equip you with the skills you need to follow through. Therefore, Inspiration, Skills, and Research are in the top menu bar, right next to the community section and the thematic areas we’re focusing on. Whether you’re here to look for an answer to a specific question you’re having or to get inspired and broaden your horizon – we’ve got you covered. For the second and third steps (be it the technical implementation and such), we’re connecting you to expert organisations in the field.

Community-based content: Get actively involved

Just like with UFGC, we want to attract an audience that shares a mindset, not a professional background. It’s on all of us to bring to life: Besides the editorial content we’re providing, we’re also featuring content from our partner organisations – after all, we don’t want to reproduce articles and knowledge that is already out there. You have a story to share? Fantastic! If matching our content parameters, we’re thrilled to have you write your own articles and share your How-to-knowledge with the community! Click here for our contributor’s guide to the galaxy.

Stay tuned for more

We have big visions, and we want to take you with us! We’re only getting started, so stay tuned for more (topics, online courses, interactive features, virtual events, …) – and always let us know what you think! Your feedback paves our way to keep getting better. We’re excited to have you!

Welcome home, CityChangers.