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A Contributor’s Guide to

Cornelia Forsthuber
Cornelia Forsthuber
I'm passionate about including the next generation of CityChangers into the conversation, exploring my city, and meaningful conversations. In my free time, I enjoy the other good things in life: literature, hiking, and eating my way through Vienna.

Ready to hit the keys and share your story? Believe us, we’re just as excited as you are! Here’s a little guide on how to structure your knowledge and the story you’re telling, to have it fit our content strategy.

Before You Begin

Please note that we are not a news site: We do not write about plans, resolutions, and good (theoretical) ideas, but about actual learnings, practical experience, and success stories of cities that have already implemented projects and can derive success factors from them.

Also keep in mind that we are unable to offer payment in exchange for your contributions. Guest content is accepted on a basis of goodwill and very much appreciated by us and the CityChangers community.

Choosing the Topic

While there are so many extremely interesting topics out there, we’re currently focusing on urban mobility (car-free, cycling, city logistics, walking), sustainable buildings (construction, greenery, retrofitting, housing) and the skills and leadership needed to drive change in that area and in general. That means that we’re only accepting articles within these fields at the moment.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

We feel that it’s essential to keep in mind who we’re writing for: a diverse, global community of people that are not sharing a professional background but a passion and mindset. We want to engage and activate our readers, and you will notice from the language in our articles that we’re going for an informative but also inspiring and slightly entertaining tone. Don’t get too technical, focus on the main messages you want to share, and make your knowledge as actionable as possible. If you have significant numbers or convincing images, even better!

Let the “How-to” Take Center Stage

For us, it is not really about the “WHAT” but about the “HOW”. We want to know how things have been done, how change has been driven – what has worked and what hasn’t (learning about the challenges and failures, and how to deal with them is an essential part for sure), and what recommended steps can derive from it. What is the main message that you want to share with your audience? What were your learnings?

Format and Formalities

Format and formalities are just as important as the content and language of your article. Here’s a quick reminder to mark quotes correctly, insert sub-headings (helping to keep the text readable), and add picture credits to the name of the image that you include.

Once you finished writing your article and send it to us, a member of the editorial team will check if it meets the guidelines and direction of and then approve it. You will receive an email as soon as your article is approved and uploaded.

Start Writing

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You don’t need to have a CityChangers account to contribute but if you do, your bio will appear alongside your article. So, why not get the recognition you deserve and register an account?

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via!

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