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Ending Youth Homelessness Through Mindset & System Shifts

Youth homelessness is often an overlooked topic. There are public institutions helping young adults and minors in need, right? Well, sadly, that’s not always the case. We spoke with the Co-Founder of Point Source...

4 Main Dos and Don’ts of Cycle Promotion: Learnings From EU Project Leaders

Planning an initiative to encourage cycling in your city is certainly an admirable task, and in this era, one of great importance. However, there is more than meets the eye when starting on this...

CityChanger Jaakko Blomberg: “Addicted to Creating Something New”

Specialising in new community-based urban culture, placemaking, street art, and co-creation, Jaakko Blomberg believes in the power of people; in their power to change cities. And his formula? “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than...

Ever Curious: David Adam Braun

The qualities that make a good Young Leader are eagerness to learn, openness to change, and commitment to improve the environment for everyone – with these words, an image of David Adam Braun is...

Cars or Kids, Who’s King? How to Put Children Before Cars in City Planning

For the last century, there’s been an ongoing battle for city space between cars and children, which, for the most part, has been won by the former. Kids no longer have the right to...

Green Gentrification: Why, How & Who?

Lately, it seems ‘climate justice’, ‘eco-gentrification’, and ‘green gentrification’ are the most used terms in the realm of sustainability. Whatever the phrase, gentrification is not an easy matter for discussion. Why that is the...

Jacob Hartmann – Getting Citizens to Do the Job | CityChangers in Conversation

Jacob Hartmann, Senior Advisor at Sharing Copenhagen, talks about getting started, building trust, and getting the youth on board.

Marieke Snoek & Walther Ploos van Amstel – How to Win the Delivery Race | CityChangers in Conversation

Marieke Snoek and Walther Ploos van Amstel, Owner and CEO at Cycloon & Fietskoeriers, Zwolle, give an insight into city logistics and trends like cargo bikes, discussing urgent needs and hidden potentials in cities.

Yann Moszynski – How to Help People Get on Their Bikes | CityChangers in Conversation

Yann Moszynski, Co-Founder & Art-Director of Les Rookies, Paris, talks with us about urban mobility, cycling and getting started.

Livia Urban Swart Haaland – How to Beat Red Tape with a Vision | CityChangers in Conversation

Livia Urban Swart Haaland, Founder of ØsterGRO Rooftop Farm, Copenhagen, talks with us about urban farming, green roofs and beating bureaucracy.

Cutting Back on Construction Traffic: How to Get Started

Construction traffic is costly, dangerous and awfully polluting. A promising tool to radically reduce traffic are construction consolidation centres (CCC) or urban logistics hubs. At CCCs, construction materials are stored, traffic in and out...

Safety in Green Areas: It’s About People

Green areas are great; they have the potential to attract a city’s residents to enjoy nature, relax, and get some much-needed fresh air. Safety, though, is a large element of that enjoyment; so how...

Jennifer Keesmaat – 3 Lessons in Community Building | CityChangers in Conversation

Learn from Jennifer Keesmaat, former Chief City Planner of Toronto, as she shares her three key lessons for building communities through revitalising neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Bringing Homes to Life: How to Green Your Walls

Greening your walls just may be easier than you think. We have gathered guidelines, recommendations, costs, benefits, and everything you need to consider in this compact, easy-to-follow guide. Whether you’re a lover of vegetation or...

Pepijn Duijvestein – How to Make an Impact with Co-Ownership | CityChangers in Conversation

Pepijn Duijvestein, Founder – New Economy B.V., Amsterdam, talks about ownership and affordability in the public space, and how new forms of governance can make all the difference for communities.

What a Waste: Global Good Practices of Urban Waste Management

From lack of planning to a shortage of resources or an absence of imagination when it comes to strategies, there are many reasons why responsible waste management falls through our fingertips. However, with the...

Terras de Cascais: Connecting People and Nature Through Community Gardening

“Giving new life to natural spaces and promoting organic urban culture” is the motto of Terras de Cascais. It’s a project working towards bringing people together, reviving the connection with nature, and growing fresh,...

Bohemian Learning for Students: Sussex Roots

This group of students has decided to take matters – or shovels, to be precise – into their own hands. Students at the University of Sussex have established their own community garden, determined to...