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Useful Tools and Guides for Greening

Metka Novak
Metka Novak
Nature lover who finds excitement in exploring new cities, discovering new things, and writing about sustainability. Also in eating ice-cream — ice-cream's good. In my free time I enjoy travelling, running, and walking in nature. in

If our articles have lit the fire for greening in you, we suggest getting even more information and details here! Find and collect all the needed knowledge, information, and guidance in this list of tools and guides for greening.

We know, we know… there is so much information out there. It’s easy to get lost in all the data, dos & don’ts, guidelines, policies, ‘don’t forgets’, and more. That is why we have created this short and sweet list of essential and easy-to-follow guides to turn your firework of ideas into a clean mind map:


Guides for greening
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Financing & Policy

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Green & Multifunctional Roofs

Green Walls

Urban Gardening

Worldwide Projects

For inspiration and other guidance, check out these worldwide projects related to greenery:

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