Podcast#3 The Tiny Town Hall

#3 The Tiny Town Hall

The CityChangers Podcast
The CityChangers Podcast
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One city in Germany takes a unique approach to civic participation.

With declining rates of local democratic engagement around the world, Keil has teamed up with local creatives to try something radical: take their town hall to the people – on wheels!

The Tiny Town Hall (Tiny Rathaus in German) is a world-first project that brings municipal government out of the stuffy buildings that we know and love (to hate) so that the doers and decision-makers can mingle with citizens. And they’re discovering just how many good ideas are out there!

In a time when bigger is often better, this small solution is having an outsized impact, inside and outside of city hall.

Featuring: Sophie Mirpourian (formerly with Anscharcampus), Anne Czichowski, Annette Wiese-Krukowska.

Produced by Mariano Trevino, narrated by Karl Dickinson.

Our thanks to Conni Forsthuber and Lisa Gatterbauer for their voiceover talents, and to Lisa Radtke for supplying additional audio.

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You can read more about the Tiny Town Hall in our CityChangers article, here.

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