Very often, it’s not the hard facts that keep projects going and decide over an initiative’s success. It’s a person’s passion and skill set that helps with dealing with opposition, convincing stakeholders, starting a constructive dialogue with citizens, getting political attention, or gathering a crowd around your idea. But what are those skills and tools you need to get the ball rolling? In this section, we want to take a closer look at the soft skills that CityChangers need in their day-to-day life, be it in exemplary articles or skill sessions with insights from leaders in the field.

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Advocacy: Getting people on board

How to Gain Stakeholder Support for Cycling Policies: A Trending Technique

We’ve all heard of the terms ‘public participation’ and ‘stakeholder engagement’, but what do they really mean? How can you actually persuade someone adamantly against cycling policies to change their mind? Here’s an alternative approach which is winning cycling-sceptics...

Green Gentrification: Why, How & Who?

Lately, it seems ‘climate justice’, ‘eco-gentrification’, and ‘green gentrification’ are the most used terms in the realm of sustainability. Whatever the phrase, gentrification is not an easy matter for discussion. Why that is the case, its consequences, and how...

How to Get People Head Over Wheels About Cycling

The humble bicycle may just be the cure we need for our suffocating planet, sickly air and illnesses stirred by static lifestyles. Divided into four arguments, this article hopes to illuminate why cycling cities are so desperately needed.  1. Cycling...

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