Very often, it’s not the hard facts that keep projects going and decide over an initiative’s success. It’s a person’s passion and skill set that helps with dealing with opposition, convincing stakeholders, starting a constructive dialogue with citizens, getting political attention, or gathering a crowd around your idea. But what are those skills and tools you need to get the ball rolling? In this section, we want to take a closer look at the soft skills that CityChangers need in their day-to-day life, be it in exemplary articles or skill sessions with insights from leaders in the field.

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Changing Behaviour


Advocacy: Getting people on board

The Psychological Effects of Greenery on Modern City Dwellers

We may be modern individuals living in civilized cities, but we are still creatures of nature at heart. So, how does greenery play a part in our mental well-being? Why do we seem to decompress when in contact with...

Why We Need More Green Roofs. Porto Answers a Critical Question

Critical Concrete was formed in 2015. Since then, they have been combining sustainable constructions work, renovations, educational programmes, and research projects to enhance socially beneficial buildings that support community cohesion, accessibility, and equity. In the process of retrofitting their workshop...

Vienna’s Green Voice: Peter Kraus

As a City Council Member for the Green Party, Peter Kraus makes waves in the Austrian capital Vienna with his persistent campaigning for climate-friendly, people-focussed policy. At just 34, he is already a non-executive city councillor and a member...

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