Walking is probably the most underestimated and overlooked way of getting around. It seems too obvious to be brought into focus and does not require any technical aids: put on your shoes and off you go. The fact is: we are all pedestrians; and thus the largest and most inclusive group in urban mobility. So how can we bring walking into focus and give it the attention it deserves? How do cities become more pedestrian-friendly? And how do all these efforts make the city a lot more liveable? The four pinned articles give you an overview for your first step; then it’s onwards and upwards with examples from around the world and CityChangers that make it possible.

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Vienna Calling: A Story of Gender Equality, Funding Structures, and School Streets

For the 10th consecutive time, Vienna was named the world's most liveable city in the Mercer Rankings of 2020. But does that also mean that the city is particularly pedestrian-friendly? We talked to Petra Jens, who has been Vienna's...

From Clogged to Car-Light: Giving the Streets Back to People in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is home to around 3 million citizens (more than 15 million if you count the Greater Buenos Aires area). How relevant is walkability for a city of that size? We spoke to Clara Muzzio, minister of public...




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