So, you want to make your street, your district, or your city car-free but don’t really know where to begin? Here’s all you need to get inspired, figure out a plan of action, and finally take the first step. Start by getting an overview with our four pinned articles: What’s the case for car-free, what are facts & figures you need to know to engage others and make your point, what’s the challenge(s) – and how do you actually begin? Afterwards, explore ways to change both behaviour and infrastructure and get inspired by cities and CityChangers already ahead of the game. 

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Superblocks – the Spanish Idea That Is Conquering European Cities

Giving the streets back to the people: The Spanish idea of creating city blocks where cars are only allowed as guests is spreading across Europe. But what’s the story behind the superblocks, and how can you translate it to...

The Streets Are Alive In Ghent: It’s More Than Just Removing Traffic, It’s Bringing People Together

In the last decade, Ghent has completely revived its urban landscape into a place for people to thrive. Through spatial planning, tactical urbanism, and improved cycling and walking infrastructure, this Belgian city has become a leader for car-free developments...

Pontevedra: The Little Utopian City That Drove Out Cars – and How They Made It Happen

The city of Pontevedra in the Northwest of Spain is recognised for its well-preserved old medieval town and beautiful cobbled streets. Yet the city has also gained world-wide attention for something entirely different – its urban mobility strategy which...



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