Two wheels that turn cities upside down: in cities around the world, this climate-friendly method of transport is gaining popularity. How can this development be further promoted? What infrastructural adjustments do cities need to make? Our four pinned articles give a good overview of the challenge, facts and figures, practical guides and everything around the critical first step. So many people and cities have done it – let their stories inspire you and their knowledge guide you! We’ll let you in on a little secret: rumour has it that it can be done outside of the Netherlands, too.

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CityChanger Heinrich Strößenreuther: Founder of Climate & Cycling Referendums

If we seriously intend to limit global warming, we need more people like Heinrich Strößenreuther. This cycling and climate activist and serial NGO founder specialises in street-level change, and he’s using the political system to do it. The beauty...

CityChanger Anne Koudstaal: Riding On Plastic – Recycle to Cycle

How can you solve plastic pollution and flooded cities at the same time? CityChanger Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma have an answer for you: PlasticRoads. For them, the future generation of road infrastructure consists of recycled plastic.  About 91% of plastic worldwide is...

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