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A Growing Field: Research into Retrofitting

Karl Dickinson
Karl Dickinson
Change matters. It takes courage. As a writer - and citizen - I am inspired by stories of those who challenge the 'we've always done it this way' attitude. We can do better - it's time to listen to those who go against the grain.

Research into retrofitting and the energy efficiency of buildings is a growing field. Here’s a sample of some of the most interesting papers around.

An Investment Allocation Approach for Building Energy Retrofits

This paper introduces a decision-making methodology for allocating retrofit investment to minimise full life cycle costs. There is a focus on cost-effectiveness among energy use in buildings.

Preferences for Retrofit Investments Among Low Income Renters

Low-income households typically live in less energy-efficient homes. Whereas retrofitting is seen as an effective tool for mitigating energy poverty, this research finds that these households prefer to avoid the upfront costs of renovations and are in favour of bearing the brunt of losing out on long-term savings. It suggests subsidising retrofits in such cases.

Retrofitting Owner-occupied Housing: Remember the People

This paper argues that post-retrofit energy performance almost never meets the standards predicted by provisional assessments. The reason? People. We’re unpredictable and it’s hard to change our behaviour. So, even if our buildings are climate-ready, we may not be. This research explores that hypothesis and provides possible solutions.

Scientists Suggest Fundamental Policy Changes

The European Academy Science Advisory Council lays out some recommendations for policymakers in light of their prediction we won’t hit climate control and 2050 carbon emission targets in time with a business-as-usual approach.

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