Sustainable BuildingsConstructionHow to Get Started with Sustainable Construction: Introduction

How to Get Started with Sustainable Construction: Introduction

Karl Dickinson
Karl Dickinson
Change matters. It takes courage. As a writer - and citizen - I am inspired by stories of those who challenge the 'we've always done it this way' attitude. We can do better - it's time to listen to those who go against the grain.

It’ll take some work to fully shift from conventional building practices to those that are kinder to our climate but is it all that difficult? We’ve collated some helpful guides for four agents in the building ecosystem to show you how to get started with sustainable construction at whichever stage of the industry you’re at.

We all want to be greener. Cutting out meat and using washing products that don’t contain microplastics won’t mean much unless we reduce the behemoth of carbon caused by construction. The global construction industry and built environment account for around 50% of all greenhouse emissions. Projects of all scales contribute to those figures; if we value our future, this simply has to stop.

From residents’ DIY projects and industrial-scale developments to decision-makers and construction firms, we can all build differently. Head over to the various guides below to find out what the experts advise.


Building your own home? Planning an extension? Want to knock through a wall or renovate a room? This is the perfect place to start before you begin a bit of do-it-yourself. It’s all about asking the right questions, finding the right people for the job, and knowing what you actually want to gain from the finished product.


It’s all in the planning! Waste management, 3D modelling, and circular practices will define the developers’ role in the 21st century. Investors and developers for projects big and small will find some helpful morsels here.

Building Contractors

Think you can’t possibly replace trusty, dusty old concrete with something new? Think again! We’ll take you through the eco alternatives to age-old materials, get you trained up for the green revolution, and explore how your crews can even be more efficient with the power you use on-site to run cement mixers and electric saws.

City Authorities

Lead the charge with tailor-made and citizen-led policies, green-collar job stimulation, centralised teams of experts, an industry-recognised pledge, and other forms of incentives. You may not be laying the (hemp) bricks and (recycled) mortar but your actions are just as important to the success of changing attitudes and construction methods.

Here’s all the information you need to get started – so let’s take the first step! It’s time to stop blaming each other and start being actors of change. We’re here to guide you along your way: check out our skills section to find out how you can use your abilities to change processes, from collaboration to dealing with opposition.

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