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The Challenges of Improving Housing

Iris Fiebiger
Iris Fiebiger
Nature provides us with everything we need. Not just in terms of sustainable resources but also on an emotional level. Being outside and connecting with your surroundings brings so much joy. This is what I find worth protecting.

Housing is a complex issue. Depending on what aspect of it you want to change, you will come across many different challenges.

Whether you want to make housing affordable, tackle homelessness, or promote new ways of living, we have worked hard to collate all the challenges you might face. All you have to do is figure out what you want to achieve and click on the right link below to discover how to realise your housing-related goals!

Making Housing Affordable

Housing prices are rising rapidly. Experts agree: we need to act now. However, changing the status quo and making housing affordable is a tricky exercise. Here’s all you need to know.

Creating Housing for Vulnerable Groups

Access to adequate housing is a human right. Do you want to tackle homelessness and provide even the most vulnerable citizens in your city with a roof over their heads? Make sure to familiarise yourself with these challenges before you get started.

Introducing Alternative Living Models

There are plenty of alternative living models (coliving is one of them, for instance!). Whichever one you decide to implement, doing so won’t be a walk in the park. Here’s why.

Creating More Space in Dense Cities

Many cities around the globe are facing a massive housing shortage. Creating more space for housing (and other crucial amenities) in our cities is, therefore, vital. However, certain hurdles need to be overcome.

Making Housing Healthy

Our homes have a major impact on our physical, mental, and social well-being. Making housing healthy and creating a safe home environment, however, poses a challenge. Click here to learn more.

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