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Cycling Posters: How to Campaign with Personality

Jo Helme
Jo Helme
I studied (and cycled) at the Universities of Cambridge, Nottingham and Vienna. My day involves squeezing information out of cycling advocates, experts and policymakers, and then writing all the juicy bits into articles. When the climate crisis gives you lemons, ride bicycles.

Awareness campaigns to promote cycling have been rolled out in countless cities, multiple times. Cycling campaigns have taken various angles –from letting us know how good cycling is for our health, environment, bank account or time management, through to persuading us to cycle using humour, emotion or guilt tripping tactics. Here’s a selection of posters cities have used – they’ll either make you cry, laugh or cringe.

Buenos Aires’ “Better by Bike” Campaign
Buenos Aires “Never stop Riding” Campaign for a bike sharing scheme
The Netherland’s “Stop murdering Children” Campaign. Poster states “What about me?”
The Dublin Cycling Campaign
“Amsterdam Fietst!” Campaign for bicycle security. Poster states “Don’t give bike thieves a chance”
Germany’s “Kopf an: Motor aus” Campaign
London’s “Every Journey Matter” Campaign for a bike sharing scheme
Sydney’s “The Art of Graceful Cycling” Campaign to promote cycling etiquette
Germany’s “Radlust” Campaign
Germany’s “Helmets Save Lives” Campaign
New York City’S “Look!” Campaign for cycle safety
Buenos Aires’ “Don’t act like a Pedestrian when you’re on wheels” Campaign
London’s “Love to Ride” Campaign (©Hello

We hope you got some inspiration for your future cycling posters. For more input on how to campaign for cycling, check out this article.

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