Sofa SessionSofa Session #3: Behaviour Change 101

Sofa Session #3: Behaviour Change 101

Cornelia Forsthuber
Cornelia Forsthuber
I'm passionate about including the next generation of CityChangers into the conversation, exploring my city, and meaningful conversations. In my free time, I enjoy the other good things in life: literature, hiking, and eating my way through Vienna.

“Changing behaviour” is seen as the #1 challenge by CityChangers who are passionately driving change around the world. We can see why: Humans just hate to change. What’s even worse, scientists tell us to forget about making people change. So what should we do instead? Take a seat on the sofa with seasoned behaviour experts to hear how you should focus on people wanting to change. Learn from Jeni Cross, Director of Research at the Institute for the Built Environment, Colorado State University; and Margaret Heffernan, Entrepreneur & Writer; sitting down with host Mathis Hampel, programme director of the Urban Future Global Conference.

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