Sofa SessionSofa Session #1: How to Mobilise

Sofa Session #1: How to Mobilise

Cornelia Forsthuber
Cornelia Forsthuber
I'm passionate about including the next generation of CityChangers into the conversation, exploring my city, and meaningful conversations. In my free time, I enjoy the other good things in life: literature, hiking, and eating my way through Vienna.

To drive change, you need supporters. That’s why it is critical for CityChangers to identify and ultimately win over others for their cause: whether it’s experts, citizens, organisations, groups or entire city environments. But how do you get started, which do’s to follow and which don’ts to avoid? Get insights from 3 big-time CityChangers on the sofa, who share their experiences to help you make a difference: Erion Veliaj, mayor of Tirana, on u-turning a city in mobility; Maria Vassilakou, former vice mayor of Vienna, on handling difficult situations; Jennifer Keesmaat, former chief city planner of Toronto, on building a campaign – in a conversation with host Miriam Staley, CEO of Leading Minds Worldwide.

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