Ilya Alexander Yacine
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Ilya Alexander
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At the core of my motivation lies a deep interest in exploring questions like: How might we activate the human potential to bring individuals into their strength and flow? How might we enable transformative learning for a better, more holistic eduaction? How might we co-create evolutionary next-stage organizations for a healthier work environment? How might we co-design the urban future for more sustainable cities? How might we facilitate planetary awareness to improve the relationship between society and nature? My work tends to take place at the intersection of those fields. As a flow-driven, bio-inspired futurist, I support individuals, teams, organizations and cities to assume competencies in regenerative leadership with the help of agile methodologies such as Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Scrum or Theory U. Furthermore, I coordinate projects to promote Biomimicry and Flow research.

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DigitalService GmbH des Bundes
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Programme manager
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