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Mário J. Alves has a degree in Civil Engineering from Lisbon Technical University (IST, 1988) and a Master of Science in Transport from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (ICSTM, 1992). During the 1990’s he worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Transport Studies of the University of London and the Centre for Urban and Regional Systems of the University of Lisbon. As a transport and mobility management consultant he was the Executive Coordinator of the Mobility Plans. He was National Coordinator of the COST Action - Pedestrian Quality Needs. In 2010 he was editor of the book “Walker and the City”. In the last decade Mário Alves was a Senior Consultant in many urban designed projects but also in active mode related projects such as Life Cycle – Promoting Cycling across generations, the National Plan for the Promotion of Cycling and other soft modes (CiclAndo), the Renewal of the Shared Bike system in Aveiro, Portugal and the Eco-Bike Route for the South Atlantic Coast of Portugal. Over the last decade, Mario wrote articles and presented numerous papers and seminars in several European countries on topics related to transport and sustainable mobility.

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International Federation of Pedestrians
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Secretary General
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